Radcoflex shall ensure it provides a safe working environment for all its staff, and visitors to our operations.The safety of people is considered to be of the utmost importance.

A safe environment requires a team effort with all members of the organisation having responsibilities :
The Management
to promote a safety first attitude throughout the organisation
to implement, develop and review an effective OHS program
to consult with and encourage staff to identify and report potential risks
to ensure resources are provided for safe working equipment, maintenance, training and personal protection equipment
to ensure staff are aware of their responsibilities and are accountable for their actions

to ensure the OHS procedures are complied with in their area
to ensure only adequately trained and/or certified staff operate various items of machinery and equipment, or work with hazardous materials
to promote the active participation by staff in safety issues including consultation, risk assessment and operational improvements
to strongly censure staff not following OHS procedures and guidelines

All Staff
to cooperate by complying with the OHS procedures and guidelines
to participate in the recognition of risks and the improvement of our safety procedures
to warn fellow staff of potential dangers and assist where appropriate
to work responsibly and safely for the benefit of all including themselves

to comply with the OHS policies and procedures of the organisation
to observe the directions of management and supervisors

Workplace safety is the responsibility of everyone and must be given the highest priority.