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Corrugated metal hoses are suitable for a wide range of applications in the steelmaking, chemical, smelting, petrochemical, automotive, materials handling and power generation industries, and many other fields. The hose can be used for the conveyance of fluids and gases, the correction of misalignments and the absorption of movements and vibrations.

Corrugated metal hose is manufactured from relatively thin wall butt welded tube into which rounded corrugations are formed.

The advantage of metal hose over other materials is its capability to withstand high temperatures, impacts, and corrosive substances and atmospheres.

Corrugated hose is seamless, making it ideal for the conveyance of liquids and gases under pressure.

Stainless Steel Mettalic Flexible Corrugated Hose

Range of Sizes : 1/4" , 3/8" , 1/2" , 5/8" , 3/4" , 1" , 1 1/4" , 1 1/2" , 2" , 2.5" , 3" & 4"

Our capacity is + 150,000 meters for Mechanical hose from 1/4" to 1"

                        + 22,000 meters for Hydra hose from 1 1/4" to 4"

Material of construction : Hose convolution SS304,SS321 ,SS316

                                           Wire Braid SS304,SS321 ,SS316