Radcoflex Metal Connectors

Radcoflex manufacture a wide range of exhaust connectors for the automotive industry. They are engineered to compensate for thermal expansion and to reduce vibration, noise and harshness between stationary and moving components.

Our design engineers work closely with our customers during prototype development and closely monitor our product during its working life enabling high reliability and quality.

Radcoflex have manufacturing facilities in India, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, and South Korea and offer our customers substantial engineering and manufacturing capablities to the automotive industry.

Flexible Exhaust Assembly (Automotive Connecting Bellows) KARFLEX.

The Karflex flexible braided exhaust connectors are used on both front wheel drive (FWD) and north south (NS) engine exhaust system

Front wheel drive engines that are transversely mounted in the automobile transmit considerable vibrations and noise to the exhaust system as the engine motion is perpendicular to the tail pipe.The north south (NS) V6 engine configurations also require these connectors to eliminate noise and harshness.The karflex design is ideal in areas where they are not required to be self supporting.

They are manufactured in single or two ply stainless steel materials with an external cover of stainless steel braid to prevent bellows damage. In some applications an internal braided liner is incorporated to improve the exhaust flow.